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Complete value chain support: Annual purchasing 8000 MT of wool grease, about 50-60% of the total.
Focus on Sustainable development
   Raw material safety:
     Wool:Only buy wool imported from Australia, New Zealand, wool from shearing skin and wool from disease region prohibited.
     Production:Zero-Injury record, No illegal additive added to make sure the purity and natural ingredients.
     QC site inspector: Each batch inspected and only deliver the materials that passed the tests.
   Environment Protection :
     Raw material is extracted from wastewater from scouring wool, great reduce the emission.
     Using clean energy, recycling of material, and Wastewater pretreatment, to protect the environment.
   Animal Protection
     Wool from alive sheep.
     Wool Grease is a wax secreted by the sebaceous glands of wool-sheep, not from slaughtering or suffering the animals. Meanwhile, on time shearing will decrease the risk of parasite and skin disease, benefit for the health of sheep.