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CAS NO.: 57-88-5
EINECS NO.: 200-353-2
Molecular Formula:C27H46O
Molecular weight: 386.65
Chemical structural:

Cholesterol is made by extraction and refining processes from wool grease, exclusively from the Non-epizootic region of Australia and /or New Zealand. It occurs as white to pale yellow crystals or powder. It is odorless, or has a slight odor. It is tasteless.


 Cholesterol Super 99% Min

 Cholesterol Feed I 91%Min

 Cholesterol NF

 Cholesterol Feed II 80%Min


1)Basic material for the synthesis of Vitamin D3.
2)Used as an O/W or W/O emulsifying agent in lotions and creams. 
3)Primarily used as an additive in prawn feed preparations to enhance the growth and life expectancy of juvenile farmed prawns.
4)Basic material for liquid crystal.