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CAS No.:8006-54-0
EINECS No.: 232-348-6
Anhydrous lanolin is produced from the multi-stage refining of wool grease, a natural, renewable raw material which is obtained from the scouring (washing) of raw wool.

 Anhydrous Lanolin

 Lanolin Wax

 Lanolin Derivatives

 Lanolin EP3 (Gardner 8)

 Lanolin Wax Standard

 Lanolin Alcohol

 Lanolin EP3 (Gardner 10)

 Lanolin Wax LP

 Isopropyl Lanolate

 Lanolin EP ELP (EP Current)

 Lanolin Wax Super Grade


 Lanolin USP38(USP Current)

 Lanolin Oil

 Lanolin Fatty Acid

 Lanolin USP Modified

 Lanolin Oil Standard


 Lanolin Standard

 Lanolin Oil LP

 Customized Specification

 Lanolin Super Grade

 Lanolin Oil Super Grade


 Lanolin Industrial Grade

 Wool Grease Fatty Acid 



Pharmaceutical Preparation
Emulsifying agent
Pigment Vehicle
Anti-rust oil
Fatliquor for leather